New Product At Forever! Change and Unicorns!

I have a bunch of new products this release!

I first I will talk about is  Always Be A Unicorn Bundle, which is also in a kit form without all the wonderful extras. Always be yourself, unless you can be a Unicorn, then be a Unicorn!!! We all have those people in our family that are our unicorns and this is the kit to show them off. It has the fun elements and the cute papers to help you make pages to document those memories. I hope that all of them are as magical as they are.

Next is a very fun product of stamps that you can add a path of text to make it special for you! This was a request from a user and I am hoping she is thrilled with the results. So here is Make It Official Stamps.

This product has great meaning to me personally for several reasons, but especially that my second chance is being able to spend more time with my Mom and family. But in order to do that it meant cutting down on my stores. And this means if more since my Mother just was hospitalized and I so wish I took at extra minute to be with her. She should be fine, but it just is a jolt of feelings when something like this happens. +

Have an amazing weekend and have a green beer for me!


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